Unique experiences

Unique experiences

Take a walk along the Belgrade Bohemian quarter - called Skadarlija and enjoy the specialities of Serbian cuisine in one of the traditional taverns – Kavana's and listem to tremendous tamburitza bands (a kind of a string instrument)

Kalemegdan Fortress, a symbol of Belgrade

Discover the downtown - Knez Mihailova street

Serbia Canyon And River

Visit Drvengrad, an enchanting ethno village made by Emir Kusturica for the purposes of filming “Life is a miracle”. This oasis in Mokra Gora is designed as a showcase of folk architecture

Have one Rakija (grappa) or more with locals

Belgrade Umbrella Street

Nisville – enjoy some jazz on Jazz festival in the city of Niš – placed by British The Guardian among Europe’s Top 10 jazz festivals

Visit Oplenac mausoleum of the Karadjordjević dynasty and their famous wine cellars

Belgrade Republic Square

Visit The Church of Saint Sava - the largest Serbian Orthodox church, that is the largest Orthodox place of worship in the Balkans and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world

Visit Petrovaradin fort, a significant military fort of the Austrian rulers, todays city’s art center

On the wine routes of Sremski Karlovci don’t miss tasting bermet, the excellent dessert wine of the region

About Serbia

Located in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia stands at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe.

This is the country of outstanding historical and cultural heritage that embraces archaeological remains of civilizations tens of centuries old and a great number of spiritual creations. There are monuments that will leave you breathless. The greatest riches are in the many mediaeval churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. These holy places treasure some of the oldest and most beautiful treasures of Serbian art and architecture.
The power of nature has decorated this country with gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes, amazing colours, peaceful scenaries, fresh air, harmony... Serbia’s beautiful mountains, national parks, rivers and lakes are the perfect location for an outdoor holiday.

People of Serbia always welcome guests with open arms and hearts – smile, hospitablity and high spirits are their main characteristics. They will not let you leave until you have tasted some of the delicious traditional dishes or local brandie called Rakija.
They are people who enjoy festivals and celebrations and Serbia is country in which, all year around, numerous cultural, entertainment, traditional and sporting events are held, demonstrating the creative power and vitality of this country.

The most-visited tourist destinations are the cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, one of the oldest cities in Europe and the only one built on the confluence of two rivers. Is is know as “the city that never sleeps” and the symbol of great nightlife. Floating clubs on its rivers are synonyms for great parties and neverending fun, and Skadarlija, the bohemian street, a place where music and singing can be heard until dawn.

Novi Sad is the city of young people, music and fun. It is the home of EXIT festival, one of the best music events in Europe, where best musicians from all over the world perform in Petrovaradin Fortress.

Whether you want to go on a tour of the Vojvodina’s castles and fortresses, dicover the secrets of the Belgrade’s undergrounds, relax in beautiful nature or enjoy some of the wine routes – one if sure – you will enjoy the journey!

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