Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unique experiences

Unique experiences

Try the food - Ćevapi – Bosnian kebabs, Begova Čorba (Bey's Stew), Burek – a meat-filled flaky pastry, Tufahije – whole stewed apples stuffed with a walnut filling, Hurmašice – date-shaped pastry drenched in a sweet syrup

Start the day with "Rakija“ (plum brandy) for health benefits

Visit the most beautiful Kravice Waterfalls

Be active - do Rafting on Neretva river

Bosnia And Herzegovina Jajce

Visit the world-famous Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar, UNESCO heritage site

Visit Sarajevo Film Festival one of the largest in film festivals in Europe

Climb the "Pyramid of the Sun" in Visoko

Bih Sarajevo Bascarsija Bazar

Don' t miss lunch at local restaurant in Blagaj next to Buna river

Taste Monastery brandy at magnificant Ortodox Monastery Tvrdoš

Go to Vlašić Mountain and try famous cheese

Bosnia And Herzegovina Pocitelj Mosque

Stroll around Baščaršija, Sarajevo’s old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city and take a real Bosnian coffee there

Visit War Tunnel the most visceral of Sarajevo's many 1990s war-experience "attractions"

Take a horse and carriage ride on Vrelo Bosne one of the country’s most beautiful natural landmarks

Visit Pocitelj a splendid Ottoman city dating back to the Middle Ages, called a "City of Stone"

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

An age-old cultures, stunning mountain landscapes, access
to the great outdoors and a sense of adventure.

This most easterly point of the West and the most westerly
point of the East bears the imprint of two great empires.

Five hundred years of domination, first by the Turks and then
briefly by the Austria-Hungarians, have inexorably influenced
the culture and architecture of this land.

Famous about Bosnia and Herzegovina

“This is the most beautiful city; sophisticated, complex and multicultural”
Bono - Lead singer of the band U2

“When you go to Sarajevo what you experience... is life!”
Mike Leigh - English writer and director

“Sarajevo had the best organized Winter Games in Olympic history ... Goodbye dear Sarajevo.”
Juan Antonio Samaranch
as quoted at the Closing Ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo 

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